The Palm Springs Photo Festival Portfolio Review: Monday, May 7th – Thursday, May 10th


What is a Portfolio Review?

The Palm Springs Photo Festival portfolio review is a program in which you select from a list of reviewers, we schedule your 20-minute face-to-face meeting with them and you present your work.

Why attend the Palm Springs Photo Festival Portfolio Review?

The Palm Springs Photo Festival Portfolio Review is the largest and most comprehensive portfolio review program for professional and emerging professional photographers in the United States, featuring influential professionals from both the commercial and fine art realms of contemporary photography.

Unlike other review events, that have an unfortunate first-come, first-served policy, (if you register later than others, you miss out), the PSPF Portfolio Review program allows all approved registrants to CHOOSE the reviewers of their choice until our extended deadline of April 20th or when the program is sold out, whichever is sooner. 

Who are the reviewers: 

Click HERE to see a list of our reviewers.
Click HERE to see the portfolio review schedule by date / time.
Click HERE to see reviewers listed by profession.
Click HERE for a list of the companies / affiliations who will be represented at the PSPF Portfolio Review.

We bring together an amazing and diverse group of experienced professionals from magazines, ad agencies, museums, galleries, institutional exhibition spaces, book publishers, reps, consultants and others for you to show your work to.

We advise all prospective attendees to read the bios we post of our reviewers, and to pay special attention to their “Reviewer Preferences” where listed. We recommend studying the bios and then checking our the websites for the reviewer’s companies so the attendee doesn’t inadvertently waste both theirs and the reviewer’s time. Bring a tightly-edited and cohesive body of work. Show your personality. Show your visual signature. Show what they can expect if they hire / exhibit / publish you. Take notes. Bring leave-behinds. They will be seeing a lot of work in their review sessions so be sure what you expect from them is clear. At the beginning of your meeting, let them know who you are and what you are hoping to accomplish.

You may show your work as prints or on your computer. In addition to the work you plan to show for professional reasons, we always encourage you bring a selection of your personal work as well. 

You may select to take your reviews at any time on any festival review day (you can take them all on one day, spread them out over five days, etc). Obviously, your chances to see all of your requested reviewers will be greater if you’re registered for multiple days.

For complete details, click HERE.

Announcing the 7th Annual PSPF Portfolio Review Prize: Portfolio Reviewers will collectively vote on the work they see during the festival and many of our sponsors will endow the prize.

Gifts shipped free to US Residents only

Prices are $400 for 5 reviews. A 10% discount is applied to 15 or more reviews.

Our recommendation is to spend as many days at the festival as possible to have the widest range of reviewer choices. Most reviewers participate on two or more days.

Please Note: To sign up for Portfolio Reviews, you must be registered for the day.

All registered attendees in our Portfolio Review Program pay only $40 to have a seat at the table in our Open Portfolio Show! Present your work to our faculty, sponsors, photographers and the general public on Sunday May 6th!  REGISTER NOW!


“We don’t accept unsolicited proposals, just because there aren’t enough hours in the day to do them justice. But I do go every year to the Palm Springs Photo Festival as a reviewer, and I always see a lot of interesting work there.” – Chris Pichler, Publisher, Nazraeli Press

“I know the quality you deliver and have actually found work and photographers we have used there.” Sarah Leen, Director of Photography, National Geographic

“I’ve been meaning to let you know what a positive experience this round of reviews was for me.  The caliber of work as unusually high, the conversations all very focused, informed, inspired, and professional.  This was mutually beneficial for me and my organization as well, and turned out to be a source of really interesting new talent. “ – Sarah Foster, Getty Images

..It’s the world’s greatest job fair for professional photographers in the only city that could possibly host such an event.” – Anthony

“I LOVE your program. It is well-managed and is a great benefit for both Reviewers and Reviewees. – Laura Sackett, Creative Director, LensCulture

“Thank you again so much for running this event! I must say it was one of the most fruitful reviews I have attended in terms of the reviewers I had managed to show my work to and connect with, and it was also the most organized and well-run review that I have had the pleasure to participate in…” – Mimi

Advice from the Professionals



The Palm Springs Photo Festival is known for the quality of its Portfolio Review program. These one-on-one consultations, in 20 minute increments, are offered throughout each day by important industry experts. This is where you can show your work to museum curators, collectors, art directors, editors, ad agency creatives, leading photographers, educators, gallery owners, reps…

  • ...What a service you offer through these reviews, basically, access to people [photographers] wouldn’t be able to have. In short, it is an astounding event and I am so honored to be a part of it! - Marianne
  • "What you curate at this event is unparalleled. The level of talent across every possible photographic avenue is – in a word – amazing." - Marianne
  • "We don’t accept unsolicited proposals, just because there aren’t enough hours in the day to do them justice. But I do go every year to the Palm Springs Photo Festival as a reviewer, and I always see a lot of interesting work there." - Chris Pichler, Publisher, Nazraeli Press
    Chris Pichler
  • I LOVE your program. It is well managed and is a great benefit for both Reviewers and Reviewees.
    Laura Sackett, LensCulture
  • I am currently showing photographs from Rich Frishman’s work-in-progress “American Splendor”. I first saw his images as a Reviewer at PSPF. Many Thanks. Dana Salvo

    DANA SALVO, Clark Gallery
  • I met photographer Susan Barnett while reviewing her portfolio and the U of Maine Museum of Art will be mounting a solo exhibition of her photos in 2017. It's already on the Museum's calendar. George Klinghorn, Executive Director & Curator.

    George Klinghorn, University of Maine Museum of Art
  • I have signed at least one author from last year’s review sessions: Marjorie Salvaterra.  It’s going to be fantastic.
    Marta Hallet, Glitterati Books
  • So I met Marta Hallett at last year's festival. By this festival I will have the most gorgeous book through Glitterati! PSPF is amazing!!!!
  • I enjoyed the reviews and have found several photographers we will be exhibiting on our "virtual gallery" website Red Filter Gallery.

  • My reviews in NY went well and I viewed some solid portfolios, a handful that I will continue to follow and work with.

  • I think each of the four photographers whose work I saw were uniformly at a very high level, I would give an exhibit to each of them at my gallery. So a great job, and I look forward to future reviews. Many thanks.

  • Thank you for the invitation to participate. As always it is a pleasure and a treat to see bright, young talent.