Leica Talks


LEICA PRESENTS: The Leica Talks with Jackson Fager & Cira Crowell

Tuesday, May 8th 1:15pm – 2:45pm

Two great Leica shooters will present and discuss their photography:

Modern Day Photojournalism: Behind the Stories | May 8th, 1:15PM-1:55PM

Jackson Fager will share his journey as a photojournalist who has covered stories from the civil war in Central African Republic, oil crisis in Nigeria, Robert Mugabe’s resignation in Zimbabwe, and more. Witness these unforgettable moments captured by Fager through the lens of the rugged Leica SL, and discover how the evolution of photojournalism impacts your visual stories.

Nepal Illuminated: New Technology in the High Himalaya | May 8th, 2:05PM-2:45PM

Cira Crowell explores the concept of light and life as she treks through the mountains of Nepal with her Leica SL with the latest APO-Summicron-SL 75 f/2 ASPH. With a fascination on how light animates life, witness these remarkable moments captured by Crowell in this stunning black and white series. Find your own passion and creative perspective as you journey on this visual exploration with Cira.

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Jackson Fager is the Africa Bureau Chief for VICE News. He has been in journalism for over a decade working as a producer, videographer and photographer. During the last six years at VICE, Fager has documented stories in 56 countries. He lives with his family in Cape Town, South Africa and continues to cover stories worldwide.

Cira Crowell is a third generation Leica photographer whose work features conceptual fine art, adventure landscape, cultural studies, portraits and humanitarian documentary themes. Her refined aesthetic perception of light is a recurrent theme projected in her black and white photography. Crowell travels around the world with her Leica SL, documenting evocative incidents of life and light that is shared in multiple books, talks, shows and websites. No matter how challenging the terrain, Crowell’s gear of choice remains within the Leica family, beginning with the Leicaflex SL2 to the modern SL-System.