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JILL ENFIELD: Alternative Process Photography & the Desert Landscape

Orientation Sunday, May 6th, 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Monday, May 7th – Wednesday, May 9th 9:00am – 4:00pm. Thursday, May 10th 9:00am – 11:00am

Photographing with a large format camera and chemicals that you have to carry with you may seem like an arduous task, but in fact, it is quite fun and invigorating. It brings photography back to a tactile art form and enables the photographer to be in full control of the outcome. If it was good enough for Matthew Brady during the Civil War, why not?

Landscape has played an important part in the history of photography worldwide. In this workshop, attendees will photograph in what is arguably the only portion of the American landscape that is relatively untouched since the inception of the medium. The nearby San Jacinto mountain range, the prehistoric palm oasis that gave it’s name to the village in the early 20th century and the desert floor itself will all be options for photographing in this unique class.

The participants in Jill’s class will learn how to prepare for all types of weather and pack efficiently to go off for a day of photographing in any environment. We will address the importance of safety in preparing and traveling with chemicals, the changing light and photographing on glass and tin.

This 3-day class will be like a survey class.

DAY ONE:  We will be in the classroom preparing for going out to the field photographing with wet plate. In the afternoon, we’ll head out into the desert. Each student will take a turn photographing with the wet plate cameras while other students will use their digital cameras to capture the landscape. We will be using an ice fishing tent as a traveling darkroom and photographers will see it is not as daunting to take it all with you as one might think! The secret? Make lists and be prepared! For a fast action video that shows the 20-minute process in a 2 minute highlight, click on the first video link below.

DAY TWO:  The second morning will be spent making digital negatives from their files. In the afternoon, we’ll be going back into the field.

DAY THREE:  Students will make transfers and cyanotypes from their digital negs. The cyanotypes can be toned to be blue to brown, while the transfers look like polaroid transfers.

In three days, photographers will be spanning the centuries, from cyanotype and wet plate from the 1800’s to transfers and digital of the 21st century. This workshop will be fun for beginning to advanced wet-platers and digital photographers alike.

PRICE: $1230  (Includes all workshop transportation, materials, chemicals and boxed lunches on full class days)



With her third book due to hit the shelves in 2018, Jill Enfield is a fine art photographer, educator, curator and author with many years of teaching experience. Her specialization is both historical techniques and alternative processes.

Her two books: Photo Imaging: A Complete Guide To Alternative Processes and Jill Enfield’s Guide to Alternative Processes: Popular Historical and Contemporary Techniques have both won significant awards and are used in schools throughout the world. Her third book will include step-by-step instructions on a variety of techniques including wet plate collodion, dry plate modern tintypes, platinum and palladium printing, cyanotypes, liquid emulsion, albumen printing, hand painting and more.

Jill’s work has also been featured on dozens of book covers as well as in hundreds of magazines and websites. She has shown her work throughout the USA and Europe. Recently she was given a 3-month solo show, featured in the New York Times, which included a glass installation of 45 separate antique windows, each showcasing a glass-plate portrait of a contemporary immigrant, all combined into a single house called Where People Should Not Throw Stones. The exhibition, The New Americans, occupied 6 galleries on Ellis Island and is scheduled for a two-year tour in galleries and museums throughout the United States. A three-minute video which highlights the overall concept, can be seen by clicking on the second link below.

Jill’s fine art images can be found in many museums around the world as well as in private collections.

Professional Photography Magazine voted her as one of the top 100 Influential Photographers and she has been showcased in PDN, Nikon World, and others.



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