About Editions and the New Fabriano papers:

The Innova Art Editions portfolio has been carefully selected to deliver the world’s finest media for digital printing. The range offers the look, feel and archival quality of traditional fine art and photographic media, coupled with image intensity and durability .

A great paper can make all the difference to a work of art. Artists and photographers, including some of the world’s most recognized names, choose Innova Art. With over thirty years of specialist expertise, the Innova Art team has made their experience count; garnering accolades and being acknowledged for their ‘digital darkroom’ papers, introduced with the award-winning FibaPrint® portfolio.

Founded in the 13th century, the Fabriano mill in Italy, is widely acknowledged as the birthplace of the European paper industry. In an exclusive collaboration with the digital experts at Innova Art, there are now digital versions of two of their classic papers, combining the best of the past and the future. Artists can now print their fine art or photography in limited or open edition prints, digitally, on mould made papers that date back to medieval times following directly in the footsteps of the Old Masters.

The Innova Art Editions portfolio makes your art truly exceptional.

Innova Art at Palm Springs Photo Festival 2018:

Innova will be Displaying printed samples of the new “Editions” papers, and have trial packs available at our table. We will also be providing two raffle paper prizes of 1 13”x19” and one 8.5”x11” 25 sheet boxes of paper each night. Winners will have the opportunity to select the paper of their choosing at our table and for convenience have it shipped direct to your home or studio.

Mission statement:

Innova Art: More Than Paper –

In addition to an award winning range of digital inkjet media, Innova also offers innovative display solutions, custom converting solutions, and is consistently at the forefront of development for new and exciting digital print media. While traditional manufacturers focus on tweaking the same types of products they have had for years, Innova is forward looking and strives to listen to today’s marketplace and deliver inventive solutions for digital inkjet printing and display applications.

Excellence Through Innovation –

Established just as the 21st century started, Innova is not bound by century old thinking and paradigms. We use modern flexible approaches to this dynamic industry, with an emphasis on innovation bounded by a desire to deliver quality products and value to our distribution partners as well as the end consumer. Don’t let the relatively young age of the company fool you. Innova’s management team includes pioneers of the industry who have been creating new digital papers since the beginning of the inkjet revolution in the 1980’s. Our right-sized structure allows us to be nimble enough to react to changing market needs while also assuring our partners a close-knit relationship with our leadership team.

Our partnership approach to global manufacturing and distribution allows us to leverage the strengths of our own resources with those of others. This synergy not only results in enhanced product designs and improved time to market but also localised packaging, converting and warehousing to easily react to regional supply requirements.

A 21st Century Company With 21st Century Solutions –

We are also 100% committed to the world around us and strive to maintain a relationship with ethical supply chains, click here for more details about our environmental commitment and archival standards of Innova papers.