JIM MALCOLM: Virtual Reality for Still Photographers: An Overview

Wednesday, May 9th. 2:45pm – 4:30pm

Most professional photographers today have embraced the digital era and are creating imagery intended to be printed and/or viewed on their phones, tablets, computers and even virtual reality (VR) devices. Creators no longer live in a linear, 2D world and it’s time for content creators to adapt to new display options.

VR is enabling a new interactivity between the viewer and the content they’re consuming that has never been seen before and experiences that can’t be created in other mediums. With the quick turn of a head inside a VR headset, viewers can now see content that would’ve never been found in a traditional 2D setting, enabling them to essentially create their own now-3-D story. Think of the “choose your own adventure” books, but in VR film format. For content creators, this creates challenges they have never faced before including use of spatialized sound, point of view, directing user gaze, the need to create multiple story lines for the same narrative and more.

In this session, Jim will draw on his industry expertise and recent experience working with VR filmmakers to discuss what it means to think through every part of creating a true VR story. He will share best practices for content creators to consider when creating new VR experiences: elements such as how to use computer programming to add dimension; envisioning what a 360-degree setting looks like; exploring the various paths a story can take; and how scenery and dialogue can change based upon where the viewer looks or turns their head. Content creators have the opportunity to create stories that can be unique to each viewer in a headset, creating an unprecedented way for a film to unfold.

PRICE: $95

NOTE: $45 for registrants of Jim Malcolm’s 1-Day Workshop, Getting Started Shooting VR, Thursday, May 10th. 9am – 4pm. Discount automatically included at registration.



Jim Malcolm, General Manager of North America for Humaneyes Technologies, has been working with VR filmmakers including National Geographic (producers of the One Strange Rock series), Parker Howell (director of the award-winning film Kungfucius) and others to help them overcome challenges and create truly immersive stories. And, as the former President of the Imaging Alliance with over 20 years of experience in consumer electronics specializing in the camera and photography industry and as a current member of the CTA AR/VR Standards Board, Jim has lived and led the hype cycle from print to digital photography, and is now pushing the same changes in the VR space.