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FORMENTO & FORMENTO: Narrative / Fashion / Beauty / Fine Art

Orientation Sunday, May 6th, 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Monday, May 7th – Wednesday, May 9th  9:00am – 500pm. Thursday, May 10th, 9:00 – 11:00am.

This dynamic husband-wife team have made an art of their unique strain of photography. Exuding an eerie sensuality combined with a narrative cinematic sensibility, the ambiguous nature of the characters and scenarios remind us of David Lynch and Hopper-esque landscapes.

Explore the visual language of cinematic narrative; contemporary, sexy, stylized and captivating. BJ & Richeille are a perfect team; together their combined talent has produced memorable images that have, in a very short time, won them remarkable recognition in both the editorial & fine art arenas.

The objective of this workshop is to observe and offer critical feedback on attendee’s existing work and two day’s  shooting and critiques with BJ and Richeille Formento (for which models will be provided). Immerse yourself in the creative process from the elaboration of ideas to the examination of convergent elements within a dramatic photograph: From simple or advanced lighting to composition and philosophical decisions.

Who is this class for?

Photographers who are already shooting but want to incorporate new ideas and production skills into their work.

The aim of the Class:

To encourage the attendee’s vision and take it to a new level of seeing. To demonstrate and work in all facets of the shoot including art direction and styling as well as behind the camera.

What is it about:

Hungry to transcend expressive limits together, Formento and Formento, photographer and art director / stylist, are on a journey that combines their sensibilities into a signature vision. Attendees will see how working with stylists and / or art directors can help them create a unique style. 

What will happen in the class:

We will demonstrate how we take an idea and translate it into a cinematic photographic narrative. We will encourage attendees to cultivate their vision and refine their styles as they take turns photographing in the class. We will enthuse the attendees with our sources of inspiration such as our love of art, cinema, music and fashion, and show how ideas drawn from these sources can be executed in personal ways. We will talk about how we balance all the elements of creation through concept stage to realization. Attendees will be able to take our setups and adapt them to something new and personal.

Includes workshop transportation and a boxed lunch for each full day of the workshop.

PRICE:  $1430



Formento & Formento have had a remarkable launch to their career: Vogue Italia has been a forerunner and loyal supporter of their work, as well as cutting edge magazines like Aesthetica and Blink.

2012 was a breakthrough year for F+F. They were nominated top finalist to American Vogue’s New Exposure Competition working with Bottega Venetta and Red Digital Camera. In 2014 their works were selected by Alessia Glaviano, photo editor of Vogue Italia and L’Uomo Vogue for a “Glimpse at Photo Vogue” at Carla Sozzani’s Gallery in Milano and in 2015 for “45 Frames from Photo Vogue” at Leica Milan Gallery. In addition, they received positive responses from the shows at Art Basel Miami Beach, AIPAD and Armory NYC. Solo exhibitions across Europe starting in Paris, London, Berlin, Stuttgart and Dusseldorf soon followed. Their work was recently exhibited in New York at Edelman Arts Gallery. Their first coffee-table book, Cinematic Chronicles, was published by YK editions. The Fahey Klein Gallery has offered to show the inaugural exhibition of their recent series, Japan Diaries. The inaugural exhibition of “She is Cuba” at Art Miami 2014 was well-received as was their exhibition in Miami at Fahey Klein and Chrome Hearts during Art Basel Miami.

BJ Formento was born in Hawaii and grew up in the Philippines, studied in San Francisco and moved to New York in 1999. Richeille was born in London and attended the prestigious Central St. Martins College of Art before working as an art director and designer in the fashion industry. 

Richeille was born in London and attended the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design before working in the fashion industry as an artistic director and designer for major commercial and fashion brands as well as for independent labels.

They continue to cultivate their love of visuals through photography with art direction and styling.