Each evening in the Annenberg Theatre of the Palm Springs Art Museum we present a wonderful 2-hour presentation that includes projections of our slide show contest finalists, lectures by our amazing workshop instructors, raffles with great prizes offered by our sponsors and more.

All Attendees are invited to attend!

Annenberg Theater, Palm Springs Art Museum

9:00pm – 11:00pm

Please plan to arrive no later than 8:45pm.

Daily Registration is required.
  • You make a swell soup and we are all the richer for it. 
    Jock Sturges
  • I am writing to you to let you know how much I appreciate and enjoy attending your festival. I especially love the evening lectures. I could not think of a more perfect way to end a day already filled with inspiration and education. Thank you for an amazing experience! 
  • "This event was really inspirational and amazing. In my enthusiasm during the conference, I called it life-changing. I believe it is, at least for me it is. .."
  • "...not only did I see eight of the most difficult to reach editors and art buyers, I loved being at PSPF and checking out all the new gear..."
  • "I really appreciate the effort you and yours put into breathing exuberant life into this thing. Looking forward to next year. Thanks, thanks!'
  • "It would have taken me a year, and a lot of time and expense to schedule the same number of meetings, providing of course it were even possible. There’s really no substitute for a face-to-face meeting. Personally, I found the events energizing " 
  • "Thank you again so much for running this event! I must say it was one of the most fruitful reviews I have attended in terms of the reviewers I had managed to show my work to and connect with, and it was also the most organized and well-run review that I have had the pleasure to participate in..." 
  • I signed with an agent and met some amazing people. Above all realized the value of meeting people and getting your work out which is something photographers tend to forget..
  • "The festival is really indescribable. It is simultaneously inspirational for me and there are so many great friendships and relationships made and formed."
  • "I am happy to have been there and feel that you are making an incredible contribution to the medium with this festival."
  • I'm a fan of your festival, I love the energy I experienced from my first year at PSPF. I honestly could not believe the caliber of talent that was radiating inside the theater every night. As if you've brought the photography world into one room.
  • Kimberly Anderson of Utah met with me last year and we included her work in a group exhibition at Photographic Center NW, Salt/Water. It was reviewed in the Seattle Times. At both the opening and her lecture/panel discussion she acknowledged the importance of the festival in connecting!
    Michelle Dunn Marsh, Minor Matters Books